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Ground guarana seeds

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Guarana powder - your natural energy kick! Obtained from the seeds of the guarana plant, this powder is rich in caffeine and invigorates the mind and body. Ideal for smoothies, drinks or as an additive in baked goods. Enjoy the invigorating effect and the mild, nutty taste. 100% natural and without additives.

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Guarana Pulver

Top, sorgt für langfristige Energie

frequently asked Questions

Guarana Powder is a natural dietary supplement made from the ground seeds of the Guarana plant. It contains caffeine as well as other stimulant compounds and is often used for energy and to increase mental alertness.

The seeds of the guarana plant are harvested, dried and then ground into a fine powder. The caffeine content in guarana can vary depending on where it is sourced and processed, but is typically higher than that of coffee beans.

Guarana powder can be mixed in water, juice or smoothies and drunk. Due to its high caffeine content, it is advisable to start with a small dose and observe the body's reaction. It should also be avoided to take guarana powder late in the day as it can interfere with sleep.

Guarana powder is suitable for people who are looking for a natural energy boost, be it for sports activities, mental alertness or to overcome fatigue. However, it is not suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine or have certain health concerns, such as heart problems.

Natural Energy Boost: Guarana can help reduce fatigue and increase mental and physical performance.
Boosting mental alertness: The caffeine found in guarana can improve focus and memory.
Metabolism Support: Some studies suggest that guarana may boost metabolism and help with weight loss.
Antioxidant Properties: Guarana contains compounds with antioxidant properties that may help protect the body from free radicals.

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